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Written on February 10th, 2019
   Hello, my name is Robert Wilson (Bob) and I'm an Internet Entrepreneur. I retired from the US Military in 2004 but had a very hard time getting established and adjusted to life without the military. Now that I was retired I didn't have the regimented military life or support system that exists within the military. It was definitely hard for me to figure out my purpose and what I wanted to do after the military. I did whatever I had to do to get a job that would sustain me and my family until you can figured things out. Let me tell you trying to figure things out after leaving the military is not the right way of doing things. In fact I should have been figuring things out 10 years into my career. But the start-ups I got involved with always failed for one reason or another BUT never for the lack of trying to advance my life. 

    The military's transition program is not a really good program that teaches military personnel how to relate or transfer our skill sets to a particular civilian job sector or world. I've struggle and seen others struggle before leaving the military so I started looking for ways to soften my fall for life after the military. I found and joined two different multi-level marketing companies and had a couple of brick and mortar businesses (out of my garage) to begin the process of freeing myself just to lose my investment, time and precious recourses. I didn't give up on my dreams but one very important lesson I learned was this processes made me grow stronger mentally and emotionally. From my mistakes and the long break I took I began putting together my internet business with a focus and determination I never had in the past. I know there's something better waiting on me and I'm working towards it right now. I'm in this to help others grow, win and succeed as I continue to grow in my new life after the military. 

    I tried the Click Funnels 14 day FREE trial (click here) and joined. I found this to be an amazing company with incredible opportunities for those who want a positive change in their lives. I started with skepticism and looking for them to take my money and run for the hills but I was pleasantly surprised they followed through on their words to help me. With all the FREE training, webinars, and stuff I've taken off and haven't looked back. But I have seen and experienced their honesty and desire to help those who want to grow not just financially but to grow a legitimate business that will free you for the more important things is life like family. Join me on this incredible journey (click here) and experience something that will have a positive impact on your life. 

I'm in it to win it! 

Stay Strong! Stay Focused! Be Intentional!

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